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Pay as you Golf
Australia's leading golf membership funding company

Pay as you Golf allows you to concentrate on reducing your golf handicap not your bank balance

What is Pay as you Golf ?

Golf club fees can place strains on any household budget. Pay as you Golf has developed a facility that allows you to pay your annual club membership fees in instalments rather than all at once.

The Pay as you Golf facility allows you to spread out the cost of your club’s nomination and annual membership fees (including some annual house, bar and water levies).

With Pay as you Golf club members can enjoy:

peace of mind with easier household budgeting

payment terms of up to ten months*

monthly or fortnightly instalments

a choice of repayment options - direct debits from your bank account or credit card (MasterCard or Visa)

no fuss documentation

fixed processing charges

To use our ‘quick quote calculator’ or to apply now simply go to our secure on-line application form. 


When selecting your initial instalment date bear in mind that your club will be paid your fees in full fourteen days after your first instalment is completed.  Also, an administration fee of $40 is applied with the first instalment.

* Payment terms cannot extend beyond the relevant membership period.

Apply online today!
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