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  • What happens if my scheduled instalment is not drawn successfully (ie. insufficient funds in account, expired credit card, change of account not notified to Pay as you Golf)?"
    The financier will automatically redraw the instalment from your nominated account 7 days after the scheduled instalment. A $25 dishonour fee will apply to all dishonoured payments and will also be automatically drawn from your nominated account. If the redrawn instalment is unsuccessful your golf club membership may be suspended.
  • When will my golf club be paid my annual fees?
    We will pay your annual fees to your golf club fourteen days after your initial instalment is completed.
  • My club does not offer the Pay as you Golf facility, how can I pay my annual membership fees monthly?"
    The Pay as you Golf facility is only distributed through golf clubs. Please arrange for your club’s Board or General Manager to contact us.
  • What is the processing fee I will pay?
    Our current processing charges are outlined on the ‘current rates’ section of this web site and will also be detailed in the registration form. Your fixed processing charge is determined when we prepare your registration documentation. The charge is fixed for the term of your facility.
  • I have just joined a new club. Can I use the Pay as you Golf facility for my nomination fees?
    The facility accommodates nomination and annual membership fees. We can even accommodate annual house, bar and water levies as long they represent less than one-third of your membership invoice.
  • How much are my instalments and when is the first instalment due?
    The instalment amounts and installment dates are detailed in the registration form. Please make sure your nominated account has adequate funds to cover the initial and future instalments.
  • Who will manage the instalment facility?
    Victory Funding P/L will administer the payment of your monthly instalments. Victory is a member of the insurance Premium Finance Association of Australia.
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