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Current Rates

The following table outlines our current processing charges*.






Each of the above options are for consecutive months.  The six month option is not every second month nor is the four month facility a quarterly option.

A member’s instalments are calculated by adding the processing charge to their annual invoice amount and dividing that figure by the number of instalments.  For example:

[$1,000.00 + ($1,000.00 x 10.95%)] ÷ 10 = $110.95

An administration fee of $40 is also applied with the first instalment.


An additional charge will be applied to instalment payments paid by credit cards to recoup ‘merchant service fees’ levied by credit card providers.


When selecting your initial instalment date (or preferred payment date) bear in mind that your club will be paid your fees fourteen days after your first instalment is completed.


A member’s facility cannot extend beyond the current membership year.  Select this link to review the dishonoured payment arrangements.


If you have any questions regarding the facility please do not hesitate to contact us on


* Subject to minimum facility amount.

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