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Terms & Conditions

Victory Information Statement



The Borrower empowers Victory Funding P/L  (Victory) to pay the Total Fees.


In the interpretation of this agreement words importing any gender include any other gender, words importing the singular number include the plural number and vice versa;  words importing persons include corporations and any covenant or agreement in the part of two or more persons shall be deemed to bind them jointly and severally





The Borrower’s application shall not constitute a binding agreement between the parties until the application is accepted by Victory and the loan is made.




The Borrower agrees to pay Victory, at the time of submission of the loan contract, the initial payment referred to and thereafter the monthly instalments referred to.  Each monthly instalment is payable on the day in each successive month that corresponds to the date stated on the loan contract.  If that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday the next business day  immediately following that day shall be the date for payment of this instalment.

If a drawing is unsuccessful, Victory reserves the right to attempt to re-draw at such times as it determines.  This redraw will be inclusive of dishonour fees .  Your financial institution may charge you a fee where a drawing is unsuccessful.




Until repayment in full of the total amount repayable under the terms of the instalment plan by The Borrower, the Borrower shall remain a debtor of Victory for all unpaid money.




If default is made in the payment of any of the Monthly Instalments by any of the respective due dates, The Borrower authorises and empowers Victory on his behalf and in his name to do acts and execute such documents as may be required to discontinue this Instalment Plan and The Borrower will be liable to pay immediately, or on demand, any amounts outstanding (under the terms of this Instalment Plan) to Victory, its agents or assignees.

The Borrower shall pay to Victory on demand all unpaid instalments plus expenses (including enforcement expenses), if any, subject to compliance by Victory with any applicable laws.

The Borrower shall pay a late payment penalty fee if any instalment payment is not made on time.

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